Ed Leadership

Educational Leadership


“It’s the practice of [instructional] leadership that matters.” (Harris, 2016)

Leadership can be defined in more than 101 ways.  One can put this bluntly as an act of leading.  The wiser can associate leadership with change.

 We need to recognize that defining leadership requires multiple contexts and perspectives.  As a social activity, leadership plays an important role in any organization: schools, companies, and society in general.  As a cognitive activity, it takes various forms that reflect the way we think in our social realms.

 In an academic institution, leadership serves as a valuable driving force.  It is this force that drives the curriculum, the staff, and the entire school itself.

 Through REEDEL, we are bringing forth the idea that sound leadership can create positive change in schools all over the world.

We don’t just see leadership as a concept but as a change driver.